Bubba Gump restaurantToday was a fun day! We drove from Ventura to Santa Monica beach to see Venice beach, that iconic seaside boardwalk where girls are seen rollerblading in their bikinis and Baywatch was filmed.

We had driven much of the previous day, finally settling in at the KOA Ventura Ranch. Located in Santa Paula on the hillside, it was indeed a ranch-like setting.  The main reason we like to check into these campgrounds is that Leon knows the standard each of them keeps, with wifi, hot water and electricity.  On this day, we needed to use the sewer system to flush the antifreeze out of our water system and fill the water tank we use for the toilet and sink. We arrived around 3:30pm with plenty of daylight left.  Our welcoming committee was a flock of peacocks!  Quite colourful, the male sat on our picnic table as if to claim it as his territory.  We had meant to eat there, but first the bbq was acting a bit dodgy with a strong smell of propane and then the bird crapped on our table.  Ok, time for plan B.

Leon worked diligently at setting up the camp while I cleaned the inside of our camper, especially the dirty dishes that had been accumulating.  We have a routine we seem to follow in the camper: Leon plugs us into electricity and water, I clean the inside, open the windows (weather permitting) and close any curtains we need to give us privacy (although that changes in the summer because of the long daylight).  I then serve us a drink and start dinner.  In the morning, we do it in reverse.

So, it went as usual. Leon actually took the bicycles off the rack and put out the lawn chairs so we could sit in the sun and read.  But we had a shady spot and the sun and temperature dropped quickly, so we found ourselves inside the camper within a short time.  Our planned dinner ended up being cancelled and I warmed up left overs in the microwave.  I have been fighting a sniffle and managed to stay up only till 7pm when I went to bed to stay warm.  After a couple of hours, Leon came to bed to warm me and I finally got to sleep comfortably.  I woke up feeling so much better this morning.

After a nice hot shower, we packed up and drove south to Santa Monica along Hwy 1.  This part of the highway is much lower and less winding, so it was quite lovely. It goes through the iconic Malibu Beach, 27 miles of beautiful views.  I can’t imagine the price of those houses but I can tell you there are many of them for sale on the waterfront. We stopped at the Pier and walked around for a while and decided to have lunch at Bubba Gump’s.  Of course we had to have a shrimp boil!  Lunch was quite tasty.  We stopped for a few photos and purchased a t-shirt and were off again. One thing we did notice was that Santa Monica Pier is the beginning of Route 66.  That gave me the inspiration that one day we will have to drive the route and see what all the fuss is about.