our spot at Donehy State parkWe camped in Doheny State Park in Dana Point, right on the beach.  We picked our campsite then drove back into town to buy a new bbq and some water at Walmart.  Did I tell you I forgot to buy water the day before and had to pay $1 a bottle at the campground?  I can buy 30 bottles for $4 at Walmart!

We got back to the site in time to see the sunset.  The sand dune is quite high, so we climbed up with our lawn chairs and sat over the beach and watched as the sun dropped.  Then we put the bbq together.  At first Leon tried to work on it outside but it got dark so fast, we quickly brought it inside the camper.  It was a success!  Dinner tonight was grilled salmon with potatoes and salad.  Yum yum!  Most of the time, I think my cooking is much better than restaurant food.  At least that is a small savings.

The next day was sunny and warmer than we’d felt in a while.  We hopped on our bikes and did a quick tour of the jetty and marina area.  Then I made us sandwiches and we ate on top of the dune while looking at the sea.  After that, we went for another bike ride to the public beach nearby.  We had noticed a lot of campers there the day before.  We were told that people actually live at the beach.  They pay $195 a year for a day pass and park all day till 10pm, then move over to Walmart for the night.  They do this each day.  What a life!

While we were on the public beach, I had to go down and touch the ocean to see the temperature.  It was about as cold as PEI waters. Of course I got too close and the water got into my shoes!  It gave Leon a good laugh.

We rode back to the campsite and sat outside to enjoy the sunshine all afternoon.  I managed to finally finish my book on happiness while Leon worked on his Artillery yearbook.  It’s a big project and he spends a lot of time researching and writing.  My husband the historian!  Anyway, I was glad to finish one book in the collection of partially read books.  As is usual lately, I enjoyed the beginning of the book but felt the ending left me cold.  I don’t know if that’s just me or the books I’ve been choosing.  I’ve gotten to the point where I feel I should just put away some books if I don’t feel they are that interesting.  Who has that much time to waste?