nye on the terrace Hoi An
New Year’s Eve on the terrace Hoi An 2011 – we had cocktails of gin and tonic with the group

Here is my blog post from my exchange teacher blog.

Happy New Year!

Each year since we left for Australia in 2011, we have spent New Year’s Eve in a sunny destination.  In 2012 it was Cozumel, then Antigua in 2013 (Leon deleted the wrong pictures so I have no record of that night) and last year was spent in the Florida Keys as a sort of 5th anniversary trip.  Each year, I’ve worn the same dress you see in the pictures starting in Fiji 2010.  I still have the dress and I am packing it for my upcoming trip to Ixtapa, Mexico.

Tonight, we are only driving about 3 km south to a friend’s house for a game night and party.  Not so exotic but at least there is no snow here in sunny lower mainland BC.

Have a great night, however you spend it.  Remember that the best memories are yet to be made!