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It seems appropriate that while the East is getting their first real taste of winter snow, I should show you what our BC snow looks like.

On Christmas Day, I noticed the mountains were very white against the darkening skies of the evening.  It’s my first year living here, so I guess I have never seen the mountains on a winter day after a fresh snowfall.  Although I did spend much of March here last year, it was a dry winter, so the mountains were not as spectacular.  At any rate, I was waiting for another clear day to go out and snap some pictures of the gorgeous peaks around here.

Leon and I went down to Derby Reach, a regional park nearby along the Fraser River.  Although the views are nice there, the mountains are somewhat impeded by the tall trees in the forefront.  However, there were a great number of people walking along the trails.  There were even a few campfires going.  It felt like a crisp winter day but without the snow on the ground as we have in Ontario. We’ll have to come back for a nice long walk.  Maybe later this week?

We moved on and drove back to our neighbourhood where we parked just up the street at the strip mall.  The parking lot is just across from the pool and rec complex I go to several times a week.

The view from up the hill is super!  This is what I see each time I walk up to the pool.  I even see the mountains while I am in the pool during aquafit.  Nice view eh?