Dreamy day

I lay awake a long time last night, mostly because of the espresso chocolate I ate in the evening, thinking about the great day we had.  We started off at the campground, good breakfast outside, laundry and some serious cleaning of Roadie.  Then Leon had a mishap with the electrical cord to our camper.  He fixed it effortlessly (at least in my eyes) and we made our way to the downtown area of Ganges for a good cup of coffee and a pastry at Embe`s bakery.  Leon blames the lack of caffeine for his distracted behaviour in the morning while moving the camper.

We were lucky that the weekly farmer’s market was on so that we could buy some fresh produce.  I had my eye on the tomatoes, cucumber and fresh bread.  What a yummy sandwich that made!  We continued our travels to two of the local wineries, Mistaken Identity and Saltspring Island wineries.  Leon happens to have been to school with one of the owners of the Mistaken Identity wineries.  That guy wasn’t there, but the wine was delicious and the setting just charming.  By the way, I discovered that the Mistaken Identity winery is for sale, in case you have over $2M and want to invest in a new lifestyle.

We loved the setting of the Saltspring Island winery, where we got to try some interesting cheese pairings with the wines.  Their Karma bubbly was especially tasty but I settled on the Foch wine as I find it hard to make room in the small refrigerator for white wines. Heidi, the manager, was especially knowledgeable, as she explained to us what there are 2 grape varietals called Marechal Foch and Leon Millot (one was a great general, the latter was a winemaker and tree nursery owner in the same era – WWI).

By the time we left the second winery, it was time to find a place to park for the night.  Ruckle Provincial Park was our destination.  We found a spot easily and then took a walk along the seashore.  Dinner was a salad and we finished the evening with mood music while doing a crossword, all snuggled up in our Roadie.  Romance, sunshine, ocean, good conversation and nice people were all elements of the day.  How lucky am I?

4 thoughts on “Dreamy day

    • Thanks! My next posts have very large pictures, so please be patient loading them. I will endeavour to reduce their size in the future for convenience. It sure is beautiful out here though!


    • We had a great time in Galiano island too. The scenery here is amazing. Took the ferry back to Sidney and are now back on the big island. Hard to decide what’s better, east coast or west coast. Both have their charm and good seafood.


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