xmas tree 2013
I hated the coloured led lights I had for the tree. Leon and I took down all the ornaments, he and Bradyn strung the 400 new lights and put all the ornaments back on.

The Christmas season is already here.  I can’t believe it’s been over 3 months since we started the new school year.  I had a great plan for my last few years as a teacher which involved going on another exchange in 2015 and then returning for one last semester at my school.  Unfortunately, the school board has not given me permission to go on another exchange.  That certainly changes things.

We’ve had a big change in our family life with Leon’s son coming to live with us while he studies at university.  My daughter is graduating in about 2 weeks and my son is continuing his studies until spring, having switched to scriptwriting this year.

Christmas plans involve Leon going to his family out west and me hosting a quiet Christmas Eve here.  Our plan is to have an open house/games night on the 24th.  Christmas morning is the usual family movie (as yet undisclosed) and eggs benedict.  Leon returns just in time for us to fly to Antigua for our 4th annual New Year’s Eve in the tropics.

Until then, we have plenty of Christmas events to attend, including the office party, our annual CLEE traditional Christmas dinner and a very informal party with new and former neighbours.  All in all, a great season ahead.

the elves making danish sugar cookies
the elves making danish sugar cookies