sod housesWe returned to Newfoundland and wasted no time getting back on the road to visit the Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows.  They would have wintered there in the 11th century, building sod houses and some boat repair facilities.  The National Historic Site is well done with a recreation of the village, 3 sod structures and a very knowledgeable and convincing re-enactor.  We were lucky enough to see another iceberg in the distance as well as a moose cow and her calf.  Finally!!viking village

We left iceberg in lanse aux meadowsL’Anse aux Meadows and drove south back to Rocky Harbour, stopping along the way to see some seal pelts being dried in the sun for tanning.  They are later sold to people who make traditional seal skin boots.  When we got to Rocky Harbour, we stopped along the way for a tour of the Lobster Cove Lighthouse.  We stopped at the fish market for some local cod, halibut and scallops ($15 for dinner for two for 2 nights!) and spent the night at the local campground. It was a wonderful day, filled with so many unexpected sights.  And frankly, I was so glad to get out of Labrador!moose and calfflag alphabet