Looking at the pictures of my new kitchen, I want to say that the vertical blinds will be the first thing to go. Ugh!

Yesterday I painted all the trims and door frames upstairs to finish the job the painter had done last week.  I spent about 3 hours, slowly and carefully working around carpet, stair spindles, you name it.  It was looking rather fresh until I realized I was using a trim paint that is slightly grey.  Oh Lord!  Now I have to redo the whole thing with proper white paint.  Sheesh!!  There is still half a basement to paint and then I’ll be done in that department, other than touchups and my bedroom closet that Leon has re-organized.  It’s a good thing I like painting.  Too bad I am so messy at it.  I am always spilling all over the place.

I am excited to decorate the new house.  I am really happy with our choice.  It’s not too big a house, so we figure we’ll be able to resell it more easily later.  But for now, I’d better concentrate on putting this house up for sale.