The new addition to our family!

Today we’ve been back in Ottawa for exactly one month.  We’ve wasted no time.  First, Leon started university.  Then I went back to work and we moved the kids back into the house.  Last weekend I had the ceiling repaired in the dining room and the upstairs hall painted to get this house ready for sale.  All the while, we’ve been looking at houses in this area.  After 2 weeks of negotiations, an inspection and more negotiation, we’ve finally got the house we want!  Not too big, but certainly roomier with a double garage and a large kitchen/family room facing west.  We think it will suit our family just perfectly.

The family room adjoining the kitchen - complete with gas fireplace. This is where I plan to live when I am not in the kitchen, the tub or in bed. Oh yeah, I have to work too, and travel...

Here are some pictures we took during the inspection earlier this week.  You might note that the place is rather messy.  You’d think that people would clean up a bit when their house is under inspection.  Oh well, it’s not quite mine yet…

the mudroom/hall closet - no more boots at the front door!

larger part of the basement - complete with wet bar, it will be the new cinema room

soon to be guest bedroom - any suggestions on the colour?

basement area as you come down the stairs - bedroom 4 at the back

Front door and hallway - opening to the livingroom

hall closet is actually the entrance to the mudroom and garage exit - Love it!!

Dining room viewed from the living room - hardwood floors

kitchen looking out from the peninsula - note the big bank of pantry!

view from the kitchen - large deck, short yard, rear neighbours far away

kitchen - laundry room is the door at the back corner

Master bedroom - cathedral ceiling

kids' room - both identical

Master ensuite - big oval tub, separate shower, double counter

basement bath

main bathroom

2 thoughts on “The new addition to our family!

    • Thanks Donna! We’ll get some more photos up when we can see the house beyond the snow banks. Duplante is a lovely little house, but not for 4 adults. You’ll have to come visit us and use our guest suite in the new house. One thing I am hoping for is to attract some birds to the yard. I miss the magpies. 😦


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