The kids arrived safely on Tuesday. Leon picked them up while I was at work. As luck would have it, I had to work that night too, so I didn’t get to really speak to them much until the next morning.

I had been planning this weekend for a while. The itinerary was to include a trip to a local brewery (not worth it), a drive down the Great Ocean Road, catching sight of kangaroos at the Anglesea golf course (too late, after sunset, I am afraid), viewing Koalas in the wild near Cape Otway (I almost had Koala poo land on me – then I figured out that if you watch the road for poo, you’ll find them above in the trees – who knew?), a view of the 12 Apostles, including a walk down Gibson’s steps so we could be at the ocean level to view them, a visit to a distillery (sorry, we just closed, but you can have a taste anyway – oh sorry, I will not pay $120 for a small bottle of scotch, no matter how delicious!) and a long drive back to Anglesea for a chili dinner, complete with kangaroo meat skewers and birthday cake for my two April babies. Phew! Enough to kill the average mortal.

Well the drive was long and windy. The kids were getting nauseous. We did see a pod of Orcas and some great Crimson Rosellas as well as all the other wildlife we were hoping for. I even saw a fox running through the field! And a cute wallaby on the side of the road. We stopped for a nice lunch – gigantic hamburgers with the lot – which means beef, ham, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and cheese – but only Nick and Earl had those. The rest of us were more sensible. Of course, there was more nausea in the back of the car after that. It was a good thing we took the highway to get back. The Great Ocean Road is lovely but so tortuous!

So it’s 9pm and everyone is in bed, except Leon and me. We will be there shortly, I am sure. Earl gets annoyed that he can’t stay up past 8pm, but that’s just his jetlag. Tomorrow, we are hoping to get them a surfing lesson, that is after I get my Mother’s day breakfast. Just another boring weekend in Australia!

PS. no surfing lesson for us.  The kids were too tired and cold.  The day was dreary and we thought we might try again when we visit Queensland in July.  We did visit Bells Beach and see some pros surfing though.  They make it look so easy…

birthday cake for 2 April babies
apollo bay
enjoying the koalas
having a snooze
moving koala
near Otway lighthouse
another view of the apostles
around the corner at 12 apostles
bottom of Gibson's steps
great surf 12 apostles
more apostles
one of 12 apostles
pod of orcas - just past Lorne
roos with earrings and necklaces - Anglesea Golf Course