Once again I am finding little time to write on a regular basis.  The days sort of settle in as the weeks go on.  We are well into the second term and winter is almost here.  The official date for the start of winter is June 1.  Seasons don’t start on the 21st here but rather at the beginning of the month.  I am not sure why that is, but I suppose it’s easier to keep track of.

As the days get shorter, the temperature is dropping steadily, if not abruptly.  We’ve already had 2 frosts this week and the weather report now includes windchill.  Windchill???  In Australia?  Yes, unfortunately.  So yesterday, it was -1C with the windchill in Melbourne.  I am told that is unusually cold for this time of year.  Well unusual or not, I am cold!!!  So off I went to the Salvation Army store yesterday and made the fine purchase of 2 warm wooly sweaters.  At the low price of $4.75 each, no tax, I was quite tickled.  And quite warm this morning in my new turtleneck.

The price of some things is very reasonable here. For instance, I had my hair cut yesterday for a mere $10.  That is in a shop, with an appointment, a nice shampoo and head massage and a very stylish cut.  Tips are not the norm here and tax is part of the price.  $10!!!!!  Now that’s a deal!!!

The kids are settling in.  Earl is still looking for work, although he will at least get some volunteer hours at the school here for the drama production.  It would be nice for him to get some paying hours.  But it’s not easy.  He remains positive anyway.  The older 2 have decided to move onto their travels and work their way North in hopes of adventure and employment.  We will meet up in July for a family holiday at the Great Barrier Reef.

The plans this weekend are to travel to Melbourne by train, then visit the zoo or the aquarium, depending on the weather.  Ariane and Nick will stay in Melbourne for 2 nights at a hostel.  We will return on the late train.