Footy is the Aussie version of football, almost, but more like soccer in an oval field.  Lots of players on the field, lots of running, a fluorescent yellow ball, 5 umpires plus one at each goal.  Well, it’s really quite easy to follow and fun!

My colleagues from school, Jenny and Kym are members of the prestigious Melbourne, Cricket Ground club.  They invited us for a lovely dinner in the Long Room dining area.  Dinner was an antipasto and lamb roast for me, a potato leek soup and pork roast for Leon, along with some very nice wine from my favourite little village, Heathcote.  Then we sat in the high seats with a great view of the oval field.  Open sky and room for 100,000 people.  Only 37,500 showed up, but that’s still a big crowd to us.  Half time included a civilized tea and scones.  Not too shabby…  Leon wore a suit and tie, probably the only time he will have to dress up for a football game.

On the way home, Kym took a back road to his house, where our car was parked, and 2 large kangaroos crossed our path.  Neat!!  So Australian!!!

Sorry, no pics at this time.  We forgot the camera but I did use my cellphone.  I’ll see if anything is worth posting.

Today, Sunday, we spent the day cleaning and shopping in anticipation of my kids arriving on Tuesday.  I am so very excited!!! I did lots of cooking, including a killer chili.  The kids are waiting to board the plane as I write this.  Between transfers in LA and long flights, it occurs to us that they won’t be getting on the plane to Melbourne, in LA, until tomorrow, about 5pm our time.  And they will lose May 2, 2011 forever, crossing the dateline.

Leon will be at the airport, hoping all the luggage fits in our car.  I will be at work, trying to get through parent teacher interviews without my mind wandering to what awaits when I get home on Tuesday night.  Stay tuned for the adventures of a mother in Australia…