Easter Day in Oz

Well, I can’t say we did too much that was exciting today.  Got up late after reading the whole Saturday paper, dug up the potatoes in the garden for dinner (a whole bucket full!), went to the local Sunday Flea Market for some fresh greens and then home for a nice Easter lunch on the patio.  The sun was lovely as I marked my many French assignments, entering marks into my computer as I went.

menu for Easter - steak, mushrooms, home grown potatoes, local green beans, olive oil from Milawa, fresh farmer's bread, sundried olives and a very good bottle of Bullock Creek Red's Run (a local wine)

Tomorrow is Anzac Day, a commemoration of the Kiwi and Aussie troops who lost their lives during WW 1.  It’s a very important and solemn day for people here.  Probably more important to them than Remembrance Day is to us.  We visited Gallipoli, Turkey, back 2 years ago, so we are quite aware of how special and important this day is.  With that in mind, we want to visit Melbourne for the dawn ceremonies.  Yes, I said dawn!  And we do live about 2 hours away.  So we are getting up at 2am to drive to Melbourne and take the commuter train to the War Memorial in the city.  I know it seems crazy, but I can’t see when we will have time to do this again.  And it means a lot to Leon.  I think it will be very solemn and special.  Happy Easter to all!  Don’t eat too much turkey, right?

PS – for my wine lover friends – the wine today is Bullock Creek Vineyard – Red’s Run, 2008.  Absolutely delicious!!!! About $25 per bottle, only available at the cellar door.

Happy Easter everyone!

4 thoughts on “Easter Day in Oz

  1. Here we are just beginning the smoker @ YTC. GREAT ex albeit without sub callsigns due to one breaking in half not at a weld. Fleet grounded.
    COIN ops in marvellous area. New range. Weather like the time we suntanned on the ridge.
    All is well.
    Nice to follow your voyage.
    New system can’t serve on your birthday so tossed a day early. Can’t parade on day before release so you can’t get hurt. So out two days early. Wonderful. So 42 days to go!!
    Cheers to you two.


  2. Wow,that’s above and beyond the call to support your Brothers-in-arms. Hopefully there will be some Canadian Regiments there! You may even get in a game of Two-up. The illegal game that is only allowed on Anzac Day. I think they allow it in the Crown Casino on Southbank. Only Aussies would bet on the spin of two pennies


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