On the last day of our holiday, we woke up in Wangaratta.  No, not by accident, we knew where we stopped to camp last night.  It sounded like a lovely food and wine region, so we opted not to go further south and found a caravan park before dark.  We even had time for a visit to 2 wineries in the region. Alas, my taste buds must have been off because each wine seemed to taste sour to me.  Not a good tasting day.  And Leon was driving, so he didn’t want to drink more than 2 ounces.  He has a theory that if he drinks he might forget to drive on the left side of the road and that wouldn’t be pretty, now would it?

By the way, just a quick update on the persimmon issue – we are at this time safely back in Bendigo and those darned persimmons are still hard as rocks.  We’ve got them sitting on the window ledge, hoping tomorrow will bring enough sun to help them soften up so we can finally find out just what persimmon tastes like.  And we have discovered we might actually have one pomegranate growing on a bush in the backyard. The problem is, we are not sure how to tell when that is ripe either.

Back to my story – so we woke up on our last day of travels and decided to visit a local olive shop in the gourmet region of Milawa.  In the same area, we found a great mustard shop where I bought a terrific hot chili mustard and a hot tomato chutney.  Yum!!!  I bought a tasty olive oil, some sundried olives (double yum) and a few buns from the local bakery.  You can imagine what a great dinner they made when added to some left-over chicken and fresh boiled veggies.  A country dinner, fresh from this little part of Tuscany, eastern Australia!!  We left that tasty region with ideas of returning in October for a romantic weekend of gourmet dining and cycling.  Doesn’t that sound like a nice birthday weekend?

I’ve added a last picture of our camper trip.  And I hope to upload some video in the coming days. We can’t think of anything we would have changed.  Australia is delightful, varied and full of things to explore and try.  We are already planning our next trip this coming July.

if I didn't have to pee, I would never get up - here I am hiding under the covers. Can you see me under there?