Body-boarding in Noosa’s Turquoise Waves

This is my first attempt at having a guest blogger on my site.  Jessica aka Turquoise Compass is a fellow teacher that I have been following and corresponding with for some months now.  She is currently on a 14 month sabbatical, following her personal compass to as many turquoise adventures as possible.  She recently travelled to Australia, so you can imagine we had much to discuss during her 3 month trip.  Noosa is just north of one of my favourite Australian beaches, Coolum. I would love to have an exchange in that area but I am afraid I would never see Leon as he would spend all his time surfing.  Please enjoy Jessica’s post.  I hope you’ll connect with her (and check out her spectacular photography) at any of the links below:

Body-boarding in Noosa’s Turquoise Waves

If you have been following my blog then you probably know by now that I love the ocean and any and all water sports. If I can be in the water or by the water I am happy. I felt it was time to give body-boarding, also known as buggie-boarding, another go while relaxing on the beach in Noosa.


Main Beach


The last time I went body-boarding was in 2007 when I was in Nicaragua. I remember loving it as much as other water sports I’ve tried. I haven’t been in so long because the right opportunity and conditions hadn’t come up. I think I love body-boarding more now than I did years ago. Playing for hours in the turquoise waves on Main Beach was the most fun I had in Noosa.

The Waves

The Waves

With the waves rolling in sets of three, I was always patient to wait for the third and biggest wave, while letting the first two head toward the beach. I remember catching one wave so big it surprised me and sent me straight for the beach at unexpected speeds, while forcing an involuntarily yelp out of my mouth: yahooooooooo! This is a thrill I can have over and over again.


Waiting for the wave

Like a fish in the sea, I didn’t want to leave the warm blue-green water and felt awkward on land. I am ready to buy my own board when I get home to body-board the entire Canadian summer season. Now I am hard pressed to decide what my favorite water sport is. Not even three months ago, I was stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in Hawaii ready to buy my own paddle board.


My first wave

Now to decide! I love sea kayaking too! Can I have one of each? How is it that I love all of them equally, but for different reasons? I think it is partly because they all have me in the sea. There is no better place to be. I understand and appreciate that not all people are beach lovers like myself, and definitely not to the same degree, but it is hard for me to understand how someone can’t love it. I will share the mountains, valleys, desserts, and forests with those who love the beach less, so that I get more of it to myself.


Riding the wave to shore

An afternoon of body-boarding in Noosa reminded me yet again that I am the luckiest girl in the world to be on an adventure of a lifetime. I am so happy I worked hard for 5 years saving up for my sabbatical. 14 months of travels is my reward. I am 8 months in and have 6 months left. I will have these memories forever.

 Jessica @Turquoise Compass

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