Spring madness

ottawa tulips
We certainly had a busy weekend last week with Ariane moving out, getting to know our new SMART TV (yes, I actually managed to type on it using my iPad) and now the upcoming renovation of our ensuite bathroom.  But you know how we never like to stay idle for any amount of time, so this weekend we are looking forward to the CLEE Ottawa Spring Conference, featuring the Tulip Festival and a bunch of other events.  As if spring wasn’t busy enough, the Federal Government has decided to add the National Day of Honour to our calendars to commemorate Canada’s Military Mission in Afghanistan and our fallen heroes. Our first event is therefore to attend a Meet and Greet at the Ottawa Gunners (30th Fd Regt Mess) on Friday after school.  From there, we will hop over the border to Quebec for a bbq with some great exchange teachers from Australia and the UK.  The weather may not cooperate but I am sure the evening will be filled with good conversation and warm smiles.

Aboriginal ExperiencesOn Saturday, the CLEE group is planning a tour of Parliament Hill and a visit called Aboriginal Experiences where they learn about our First Nations through song, dance and other cultural practices. The culmination of the afternoon is a bus/bicycle tour of the major sights in the city followed by a group dinner at a restaurant in the Byward Market.  I am going to need Sunday to recover from all that.  It’s a good thing I mostly only show up for the meals.


4 thoughts on “Spring madness

    • There is lots to do in the Capital once the sun comes out. We had a great day taking a double-decker bus tour around the city, then dinner at a local restaurant with the CLEE exchange teachers. The sun has been shining for 2 days and things are finally greening up. I am currently sitting on my front porch, prepping for this week’s classes, enjoying the fresh air. Just a bit longer and I can get to some gardening.

      Coincidentally, I have been trying to read your blog these past days. It’s slow going with all the interruptions and activities around here. But I am enjoying the story so far.


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