As promised, here are some of the sights and sounds we found along the way.  The lorikeets were filmed in Yamba, NSW.  When we arrived, as the sun was setting, the birds were just chattering away.  Leon thought they must be hyper from all the dates they might have eaten in the date palms.

The blue words are links to Youtube to see the videos we made.  Click on them.

Lorikeets gone hyper over dates.

The squeaky sand is quite common in some parts of Australia, I guess.  We were quite surprised yet locals told us all sand squeaks!  Well, that’s not quite right, but it seems the silica content of the sand in certain parts of NSW is quite noisy.

Squeaky sand

Back to Fingal Shoal – we took a walk at sunset.  No sharks or dolphins in sight, but a sunset worth filming.  Nice to just sit there with a glass of wine (disguised in a travel mug) and enjoy the early evening.  Ahhhhh!  You can just feel yourself relaxing, can’t you?

Sunset at Fingal Shoal

Great waves on the surfing coast – probably Blacksmiths beach, NSW.  We loved how the waves would come crashing down and make an enormous noise.  So exhilarating, yet soothing.

Crashing waves