A day of shopping

Went to town today for a few errands.  We bought a few kitchen gadgets, including a nice wok with 4 small soup bowls and spoons.  Now I can make that chicken long soup I learned to make in Fiji.  I also bought a jersey dress for school.  It was only $20, including tax.  That’s the thing around here, tax is part of the advertised price and they don’t tip.  So Leon’s haircut was $10, period.

I also had to call the utilities company.  Boy, their service is so much better and friendlier than ours.  We could learn a few things.

When we got home, there was a knock at the door and a nice friend of Donna’s, Sunny, came with a big smile, a card and a warm apple cake.  Not a bad welcome, eh?  Cake was delicious with a good cup of tea.  I started drinking tea with milk and sugar since I arrived in Fiji. It’s my new thing.

No plans for tomorrow.  We are just sorting out little details like bills, cellphones and tv signals.  The weather was cooler today and I should have worked on the garden some more, but I am a little tired of playing pin cushion for the mossies.  Maybe I’ll be more with it tomorrow.   It did pick some peaches from the yard to let ripen so I can make a fruit crisp,

On Wed, it’s Australia day.  We plan to take in the festivities in the town, then we are driving back to Melbourne for 2 nights.  I have a 2 day orientation there with the International Teaching Federation.  We are staying with another exchange teacher from Colorado.  It should be interesting conversation.  Pics and stories to follow.

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