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Leon and I bought some more Aussie wines today.  I wouldn’t call it wine tasting, more testing, as the chief criteria seems to be the price.  It is easy to find $5 wines here.  Beauty!!!!

So, just so I don’t forget to record what we’ve tried so far:

Jacob’s Creek, Merlot – at least a $10 wine

Jinda-Lee, Pinot Grigio – on sale for $4.99, actually very nice.

Jacob’s Creek, Sauvignon Blanc – about $10 as well.  Not as nice as the Jinda-Lee.

Zilzie, Shiraz – about $10 – full bodied and peppery.  Quite nice.

While we were in Napier, NZ, we went to a wine tasting room when you get to smell all these flavours to sharpen up you senses and try to guess.  I was better at it.  Then you sit in a small theatre and try 6 wines will you watch a movie on the wineries.  A virtual wine tasting or tasto-vision.  That was a cool thing to do.

From now on, if you want to check what wines we’ve tried, you just have to click on the Wines category and you’ll see all the posts on that subject.  Cheers!