We were in Germany in Sept/Oct for a vacation.  One of the most impressive sights for me was the Rhine valley.  It is filled with vineyards and castles.  Barges glide along, some so long they would never be able to turn around midstream.

There is a famous rock where many ships were wrecked.  The legend says they were lured by the rock Lorelei, some sort of mermaid effect.  We stopped nearby for a glass of wine, taking in the view of the Rhine.  We decided it would be a great time to stay in a castle for the night.

The castles are numerous as they were owned by warlords in the 9th-13th centuries for the purpose of charging tolls to the

Schloss Rheinfels

passing ships.  The castle we stayed in, Schloss Rheinfels in St. Goar, had been taken over many times over the centuries and partially destroyed before its current incarnation as a 4 star hotel.  What is most amazing is the view from the castle grounds.  The room was cozy, there was a pool, spa and sauna in the basement.  And the dining was lovely.  We even had coffee served to us in our room in the morning.  All part of the service.  And at prices that make it easy to live like a Queen.

This link gives you more detail of the area.