It’s now less than 2 weeks before we leave for Fiji.  There’s been a slight delay in the visa while they wait for my daughter to get a chest xray.  We figure that was because she visited Nicaragua last year.  So I am trying to be patient and not panic over this very long process.

Winter came early this year, unlike last year.  The streets are filled with snow and it’s cold!  That is sort of hampering my efforts to keep moving items into my children’s apartment but we’ll get there.  One bed arrives today, cable and internet get installed tomorrow and I am slowly moving much of the food in this house to their place.  My husband told me to stop cooking with cheese or they will never move out!

My exchange partner arrives with her husband and daughter in January.  The daughter, R, is very excited to see snow.  Poor girl, she doesn’t know any better.  It was 29C and sunny in Melbourne yesterday, what a shock she will be in for.

Another interesting development is that I will be teaching French in grades 7, 8 and 9 all next year.  That’s an interesting departure from my usual teaching load.  But as I still want to apply to teach in the Netherlands next year, I am hoping that will help my case.  Leon would love to live in Europe for 2-3 yrs!

So, lots of dreams are about to come true.  I’ve always dreamed of visiting Fiji and living in a country like Australia while I work.  Funny these things are happening in my 50s.  You’d think this is something we would do in our 20s.  It truly feels like we are starting life again.