Well, we are down to 2 sleeps before Leon gets here.  Time can’t go fast enough now.  Today was spent fixing yet another legal issue.  I have to visit the lawyer on Wed, just before I leave to pick up Leon at the airport.

I also started telling my students I will be away on Thu and Fri.  Some are happy to hear their favourite supply teacher will be in for me.

Packing is well under way.  Tickets are printed.  Not much else to take care of except school prep and keeping my studies up to date until I get back.  I should be reading 30 pages right now.  It’s so hard to concentrate.

I picked up some music cds from the library for the party.  It was supposed to be Caribbean music, but it sounds more like elevator music.  Hope I don’t put my guests to sleep.

Hopefully the next post will be some pictures we have taken along the way.  I have the new waterproof camera all set to go.  It’s a little gift to both of us for our honeymoon.