Where to begin… first of all, things are never as planned.  We got here as planned, a bit late in the evening.  Leon and I walked on Duval Street and had our last night as singles.

The wedding day started as planned but we knew the weather was going to turn.  So after getting the marriage license, we decided to have the wedding at 1pm on the boat as the wind was rising and rain was coming.  The wedding was just as planned.  The wedding officiant, Colleen, made it very personal and special for us.


Her husband, Gary, the photographer made us pose and hopefully we got some good pictures. The wind was very strong so we were hanging on and our hair was all over the place.  Hopefully some of the pictures will be just as we hoped.

We started the day with a nice swim and then some champagne as I got dressed. It was champagne all the way for me.

Finishing touches before that wind hit

Dinner was at the Commodore. We walked over to Mallory Square for the sunset but then the wind came up and we started to run towards the restaurant.  The rain started so we hid in a bar.  The dinner was fantastic!  What a lovely place.  Champagne was chilled, waiting for us.  Dinner was steak and Florida lobster.  The wedding cake was Key Lime Pie.  We left the restaurant just as the rain stopped.  On the way to dinner, we stopped into a bar to use the ATM machine.  As Leon was doing his banking, the singer asked me what we were up to so I told him we were newlyweds.  The barman brought out 2 splits of champagne for us.  They had a special song for us.  I wanted to go dancing after dinner but the weather was a deterrent.  We ended u

Key Lime Pie aka the wedding cake

p having a late night swim and kinda dancing in the pool.  Foolish us!

Today was our first day as married people.  The weather was cold and cloudy. We had breakfast on the terrace and then walked over to the old district.  We stopped into Kermit’s to see the Key Lime products. Then we went to the maritime treasures museum.  After that, we rented some bikes and visited the beaches.  On the way back we stopped at the intersection of Leon and Catherine Streets to take picture.

We had an afternoon swim and a glass of wine.  More walking on Duval St., then dinner at a Cuban restaurant on Mallory Square.  We had a drink and some bread and decided to have a dance to the salsa music. When we returned, the table was all cleaned off!?!  They thought we had left!  The waiter brought our dinner and more drinks.  How strange!  Dinner was great! Dancing kept us warm.

wedding dress at El Meson de Pepe's

We did a little more drinking on Duval St. and then came home to warm up.

Time for bed soon…