I can’t believe I’m wearing my new warm coat! The temperature on July 4 was not as expected.

Our summer adventure began yesterday as we drove from Langley to Allison Lake, near Princeton, to meet up with some of the family.  The drive was lovely, the weather partly sunny but rather cool.  We had a relaxing afternoon and evening, playing board games and cards, sitting around the campfire by the lake for some S’mores, and just enjoying the feeling of having no set schedule or destination beyond going East.

Today we drove leisurely up to Revelstoke, stopping in Vernon from some fresh fruit and a bicycle tire repair kit.  Leon had noticed his tire was flat yesterday as he was making his last checks on our cargo.  He suspects a bee stung the tire but we have no proof of that.  He was grateful that he saw the bee before he grabbed the wheel and escaped a painful sting.

Our little camper is starting to feel like home.

We are currently in Martha Creek Provincial Park.  The campsite is beside the Revelstoke Reservoir (an impressive dam is just south of us).  It’s a bit cool outside but we managed to sit with a cup of tea and work on the crossword as we enjoyed the afternoon sun.

I always favour the provincial park campsites as I find them clean, well designed and quiet.  At under $30/night, in high season, I can’t complain.

Tomorrow’s adventure will take us into Revelstoke to visit the Mt. Begbie Brewery.  Our association (my employer) did a collaboration with them last year where they brewed a special batch using a growler label and name of our design.  I’m looking forward to seeing the “Avalanche” beer bottle and plan to gift it to our Executive Director as he has been so involved in the various collaborations with beer and whisky products during our commemorative year (2021).

Dinner tonight is a variety of vegetables served with leftover meatloaf.  If I sleep as well as I did last night, I certainly will have nothing to complain about.