Five years later, I would still return to Greece in a minute! What an amazing trip that was!
What happened when we returned to Canada was a diagnosis for me as to why my legs were getting less and less cooperative in recent years.
Finding out I had a tumour in my spinal cord, not some mystery neurological disease, was good news! At least I could be treated and hope to return to normal.
We look back and think how difficult it was for me to manage the cobblestones and the many ruins we visited. I didn’t even mention the marble-floored bathrooms! I was terrified I would slip and really hurt myself. The rule was that I was the first one to shower so that I could get in and out before the floors got wet and slippery.
We can laugh about it now!
Thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane. I know we are all looking forward to our next travels.

Turning my world upside down!


Only 2 days earlier, we had still been on the island of Aegina, just a ferry ride away from Piraeus on the mainland. Our second day on the island included a car rental so we could drive around the island and see a few of its beaches. We also stopped at the Temple of Afea, a lesser known goddess only worshiped on this island. The temple, unlike the one to Apollo near our hotel, is very well preserved/reconstructed. As usual, the day was hot so that walking through ruins was not something we wanted to do for long periods.

We drove to the southern tip of the island, passing pistachio orchards (or are they groves?) until we arrived at a secluded, sheltered cove where we found a beach bar. Leon and I relaxed and swam in the warm sea for our last time during this holiday.  As we drove…

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