The funniest thing we saw that day was a drone being used at the beach. It looked like it may have been used to film a commercial. Anyway, the drone went down into the ocean while the crew was on top of the overlooking hill. We could see them scrambling down to recover the drone but I don’t think they were able to do so. Ok, maybe not so funny, but memorable.

Turning my world upside down!

imageDay 2 on the island, we took a long drive in the morning to visit some neighbouring beaches, one black, the other red. We also saw a lighthouse and the village of Perissa where we would be staying on our last night in Santorini. The beach there, Perivolos, is made up of black sand. I personally don’t like black sand as I feel I am standing in dirt but I hear it gave a terrific pumice treatment to all who walked on it.image

In the evening, we walked through the Venetian Palace, or what’s left of it. A nice couple has moved into a small apartment they renovated to modern standards and run a shop and concert hall for the husband who makes and plays Greek bagpipes. Say what? I never heard of such a thing either. Apparently they are very ancient compared to Scottish pipes. This palace, like the…

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