Santorini is likely the best known of the many Greek islands. We were not disappointed. And once again, we were happy to have come here on a ferry, not a cruiseship. The days were filled with touring the whole island, not just the picturesque city Oia.

Turning my world upside down!

imageEach time we met tourists on this trip, we were asked if we’d been to Santorini yet. We had seen pictures and knew it was a very popular destination but we weren’t aware of how high up the villages were until a couple from Australia told us about it.

When you arrive in Santorini via ferry, you must take a bus or a taxi up a very tall cliff with many switchbacks. The view is amazing of course! Leon and I wondered how we would get around on this island as our hotels were about 8km from the downtown area, Fira. We decided once again to rent a quad so we could visit more freely. The roads here are even windier than in Mykonos and so high up on the Caldera side, you want to stop and take pictures everywhere as you pass different towns with their amazing views. For…

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