What an adventure! We wanted an island vacation with lots of cruising but on our own terms. This story is not about cruise ships. It’s about making your own itinerary and discovering a world on your own schedule.

Turning my world upside down!

Leon and I have been talking about visiting Greece for a long time. We decided to take a three week holiday and explore the Greek islands.

We left Vancouver headed to Athens via Montreal. The flight was uneventful except that the plane leaving Montreal was only partially full. Unfortunately, we didn’t move quickly enough to claim an empty row which would have allowed us to lie down during the 9 hour flight. As it was, we sat up and I managed to get about 20 minutes of sleep.

imageWe arrived in Athens at 11:00am to a hot and bright day. Our hotel, although modest, was located perfectly between the Port of Rafina and a city beach. Leon bought me a lemonade at the beach and we sat enjoying the colour of the water. After a brief afternoon nap, we walked to the port and picked up our tickets for Mykonos…

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