Travel dreams

praesto fjord

Preasto Fjord, DK where Leon’s mum is from.

Leon and I have been at home these past weeks, taking care of our respective duties as volunteers, bloggers, creators.  I’ve been alternating my time between creating socks, reviewing the books for a non-profit I work with and trying to increase our presence in the exchange teaching circle in the lower mainland.  Always lots to do, although none of it pays.  Still, we are self-actualizing.

Somewhere in there, we’ve been talking about our next travels.  This summer will be spent closer to home, travelling up Vancouver Island to stay with family in Courtenay,  playing on the beaches near Parksville and revisiting the areas near Port McNeil.  I am hoping it will involve lots of ferry rides.  While we are visiting the coast, we need to see the Sunshine Coast over on the mainland.  We haven’t really seen that either.

Hilton-Hawaiian-Village-1024x589In the fall, I was thinking a last minute trip to Hawaii would be fun.  I’ve never visited those islands.  Being from the east of Canada, it is very pricey and a long flight to go to the South Pacific.  Let’s hope we can find a last minute bargain and take advantage of being retired and free to travel.

alabama coastWhen winter comes again, I really want to take a road trip to the Gulf Coast of the US. Texas, Alabama, Louisiana are all states I haven’t seen.  And there is Florida, of course.  The Gulf beaches look fantastic and it’s time I went to discover more of them. Of course, you may never get me out of there again, judging from the pictures I see online.

west coast of SwedenLeon and I have been watching Nordic cooking shows lately and we’ve been discovering some nice beaches in Scandinavia. Leon was born in Denmark, but he hasn’t explored that much of the coastal areas.  He’s never been to Sweden or Norway either.  I am thinking a 6 week trip to Spain, France and the Nordic countries would be fantastic in late May as the days grow longer and longer.

Too ambitious?  We’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Travel dreams

  1. Hi there. Just saw your blog through a link on the exchange teachers website. I love your plan to explore closer to home…i think we forget about our own back yards sometimes. I grew up on Vancouver island but have not explored it nearly as much as I “should”, and have also never been to the Sunshine Coast. I have just spent ten months in France with my family (kids went to French school, husband and I had a year off work), we have LOVED it. But at the same time, have vowed to explore closer to home for the next while (home being Victoria BC, and the island)…we have searched for, and found, so much beauty and wonder elsewhere…time to remind ourselves what we already have!!

    For what it is worth, six weeks might be pushing it to see all the Nordic countries plus more😊. Though that depends how much you want to do and see.


    • HI Jessica! Sorry for the late reply. Which website were you looking at when you found my link? It sounds like you have had a great adventure of your own living in France. Are you a teacher as well?

      Leon and I just want to see so much. Our latest idea is to spend time sailing in Greece then another 2 weeks or so exploring some of France. I have seen little of that and would like to see Normandy as my ancestors are from there. At this point it’s a matter of pinning down dates and booking something!

      As for travelling, we found after extensive travel in Australia that we just had to visit our own country more. We’ve done all 10 provinces but still have so much to see in the North. More travel dreams…


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