Well, perspective is everything. Reading this post almost a year later, I see that I was a “bit” off on my estimates of taking that European trip a bit later, perhaps in April?
Our own life did not suffer substantially as so many others have. We finally did concede that no travel would be possible with the one year of getting the airline credit and asked for a refund. It was graciously extended within 2 weeks.
As a world, we’ve lost a lot of people to this tragic pandemic. I am only resentful that I hear of others who try to circumvent the “rules”, while others wait patiently to see loved ones who live at a distance.
I have not said much about the pandemic this year, but I can see now that I voiced my opinion when it started last year.
Let’s stay strong and see this to a positive conclusion.

Turning my world upside down!

Certainly not my current view

I just returned from a 10 day trip to Ottawa. It was not exactly what we had planned for our spring holiday.

Our original plan was to travel to Ottawa so that I could see my daughter while Leon took in a conference. We would spend 4 nights at a downtown hotel and then take the train to Montreal where we would catch our flight to Paris and onto Portugal. Our trip was meant to last 2 months, starting with a leisurely visit to Portugal, then Spain and then to France where we were to meet up with a group of veterans for a battlefields tour in Normandy and parts of Belgium. I was excited to finally tour Portugal and Spain by train, stay in the major cities and see the coast along the southern part of Spain. I also longed to immerse myself inā€¦

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