walkway to Mont St. MichelAfter 2 days in our quaint French maisonnette, we moved on to Mont St. Michel, a beautiful medieval town on an island. We parked and walked the 3 km to the entrance of the former abbey and sanctuary, its cobble streets filled with visitors, shops and a great number of stairs to climb as we explored.

We then made our way to St. Malo, an old port city. Our stay there included more walking in the old city and a really funky restaurant dinner closer to our hotel. The bistro featured a wood fire pit where the chef, dressed in psychedelic trousers, bearded and with large black rimmed glasses, cooked our meal. There was a large party of people who seemed to be celebrating something. They were all dressed in the way my friends dressed during my last year’s of high school and university. It took me back. What a cool place!