crab trap at Centennial beachWhen Leon and I got married, he lived in Langley and I lived in Ottawa.  Within a few months, I convinced him to move to Australia with me so I could pursue a teaching exchange. We always knew we wanted to move back to BC afterwards, but it didn’t make sense to relocate in my last years of teaching. We spent the next 3 yrs in Ottawa, dreaming of when we could make our escape.

One summer was spent “interviewing” places we would relocate to once we could finally make our plan a reality.  After an extensive summer vacation through the Gulf Islands, touring from Victoria up to Haida Gwaii and down from Prince George to Kelowna, we decided Langley was the best place to live. You can read about that trip starting here.

ferry to Alert Bay

Here’s why:

  1. Coastal Living: It costs money to live near the ocean. Sure you can move to a smaller community on the island, but that involves ferry rides and schedules. Leon couldn’t deal with either of those. Langley is only 20 minutes from the nearest beach in White Rock. Our personal favourite is Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen (a part of Boundary Bay Regional Park) because of the large tidal pools at low tide which make it a perfect family picnic spot! Plus Centennial Beach has free parking. Free beach! All free!!


You can read the rest of this post in the new Fraser Valley Lifestyle Magazine.


Let me know how you liked the magazine. And for my Ontario followers, try not to be too envious about my new neighbourhood. I think we picked a winner!

Ft. Langley market