deep cove marinaLeon and I had the proverbial Sunday drive today. It was a perfect BC summer day so we took the opportunity to drive up to Port Moody and Deep Cove. I’ve never been to either of these places and it was high time I got to spend some time reconnecting with the ocean.

From Langley, it’s about 35 minutes over the Golden Ears bridge and the Fraser River to Port Moody. Much of the area is rather hilly with houses dotting both sides of the road. Expensive houses, many with great views of Burrard Inlet. We drove through the newer area with its residential towers and smart shops to the waterfront park. Unfortunately, we missed the turn off for the parking area, so we weren’t able to stop for a walk on the beach.  The park seemed very busy with family picnics and other assorted people just enjoying the sun and waterfront. As we left town, we ended up in a huge traffic detour.  I later found out that it was Port Moody’s first Car-Free Day which was held down the main street- St. Johns street.

We drove further west until we reached the turn-off for Deep Cove, our intended destination. Parking was difficult to find. We managed to park near the elementary school and walked back to Panorama Park on the waterfront.

deep cove kayak lesson

The area was bustling with kayakers and paddleboarders. As we took in the view, we noticed the signs for lessons and tours at the Deep Cove Kayak shop. Leon mentioned he saw an ad for a Friday Cheap Date Night which involves a kayak lesson for two at a discount price. We really have to go back and try that!

After wandering around the park, watching the children play on the beach, we decided to walk up to the shops and find a good place for the cold drink I was promised. As we walked up Gallant Avenue, we came upon this cool sign.

sign at Deep Cove

I want Leon to make us one for our backyard. We could put some of our favourite places on it like Quebec City, Copenhagen and Key West. Of course one of the signs will have to point to the beach.

We ended up stopping at Arms Reach Bistro. Its bright yellow sunbrellas caught our attention. Leon and I sat on the patio as we sipped our cider/beer and munched on some warm olives. Well actually, I ate the olives, he ate the bread. By the way, cider and olives are not a good mix. The cider ended up tasting bitter. A nice wine would have been a better pairing.

Arms Reach Bistro

We had a great conversation with the server who had spent 3 weeks in Greece a few years back and knew exactly what having a passion for olives and all things Mediterranean is like.

After our tasty stop, it was time to get back on the road and head home to Langley. Once again, I mentioned to Leon what a perfect day this had been. Sometimes, you don’t need to spend much to enjoy the day. It’s just all the right elements coming together like sun, sea and good conversation.

creek through Panorama Park Deep Cove