I had to reblog this! Sometimes I just need to look back to see where I’m going. I’ll be following this post up with one about our current house adventures.

Turning my world upside down!

2015-10-08 21.37.07 My birthday, Leon had an important debate to participate in.  I was his number one cheerleader.  We make a formidable team.

Well it’s December 18. Christmas is a week away.  Actually, by this time next week, we will have celebrated our Danish Christmas on December 24 as well as my own traditional Réveillon.  Christmas Day will include a Smorrebrod at my in laws, where various toppings will be put on slices of bread as people leisurely eat and enjoy a holiday beer.  Not to be a grinch here, but being gluten and dairy free doesn’t offer one much in that sort of menu.  As I emphatically stated last year, I don’t eat turkey either.

So, let me try to back up and explain my absence from blogging this past year.  It all started in December 2014 when I decided I couldn’t continue working due to health concerns.  My doctor recommended a…

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