Canada Day 2014,was spent in the USA. This was a memorable evening.

Turning my world upside down!

DSCN0060We arrived late after hitting road closures and traffic through Cincinnati. The rain was about to begin and we were glad to pull in to the Chateau de Pique winery.  The estate is large, with a refurbished barn as a gift shop and tasting room, some outbuildings, a large party tent that can be seen for miles and what looks a bit like a coliseum.  Of course there are vines and a wonderful view of the green corn fields across the road and down the hill.  Very little of these details were noticed as we got there, more intent on parking on a level spot as this would be our home for the night.

DSCN0053We were alone. Nothing to disturb the peaceful surroundings safe the sound of rolling thunder, frequent flashes of lightning and the hard rain that made it difficult to open windows for some fresh air.  No…

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