July 2013 was the start of an amazing East Coast road trip! We are still talking about it. Among my favourite stops were Newfoundland and the Magdalene Islands. Read further posts to find out more.

Turning my world upside down!

fort levisDay 2 – We got off Hwy 20 once we neared Quebec City and got on to Hwy 132, the road that hugs the shores of the Fleuve St-Laurent.  On the way, we stopped at the Forts of Levis National Historic site to visit the old fortifications that were built over 7 yrs after 1865.  The British had approved an expenditure of $1M for the purpose of building 3 forts that would protect their territory in the event of an American invasion, following their civil war.  Those pesky Americans, you’d think they would leave us alone after the War of 1812! Well to be fair, the American President did tell the British they were safe as he was busy tending to some troublesome Irish in New York.  But the British had worries of their own and Quebec was poised to be a major trade center if things got much worse…

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