This year has been rainy in many parts of the US west.  I am not sure if that is the case in Arizona, but the desert was all in bloom as we continued our drive west.  On this day, we decided to stay off the interstate and meandered through some of the back roads.

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We came upon the town of Salome where we stopped for the night at another KOA. This one was also equipped with a very nice heated pool and hot tub.  In Tucson, we brought our morning coffee over to the pool and relaxed as we sipped at our cups and made plans for the day.  We kept up this lovely ritual in Salome too.  I think it might have been the nicest pool of the whole trip.  The water was just the right temperature in both pools and it was so clean.

Just after we set up camp, we met our neighbour, Richie, who is riding the perimeter of the US on his bicycle to bring awareness to victims of sex trafficking.  We loved sharing our stories with him and I quickly invited him to join us for dinner.  We shared a lovely meal while sitting under the stars.  The next morning, Richie had left us a note of thanks before he went on his way. Please visit Richie’s blog.  His cause is a good one.  And let him know if you can provide a couch to crash on if he is in your neighbourhood.  We have invited him to visit us in BC.  He’ll be close by in Bellingham, WA towards the end of his journey.


We left Salome and drove further west into California, headed for Joshua Tree National Park.  As usual, we changed our plans and ended up in Hemet, but we still got to see all kinds of desert blooms along the way.