sweethearts in key west

The next day we cycled to the Key West cemetery to some of the interesting tombstones and memorials.  There was lots of small iguanas about too.  Then we went to the 0 mile markers for pictures.

By then, it was getting rather hot. We went back to the campground, hydrated and drove to Boca Chica Marina and beach for a nice grilled lunch.  I love marinas!  And as Leon says: The Navy has all the best spots! The waters were so turquoise all around us.

We moved on to a local hotel which let’s people use their pool.  Great spot!  But the wind came up so I didn’t swim.  I just sat on the side with Helene, our feet in the water. There was an interesting item at poolside, a Cuban Chug.  These are the makeshift boats made for Cubans to come illegally into the US.  After all, Key West is only 90 miles north of Cuba.  The exterior of the chug had a large inner tub to help keep it afloat under the weight of lord knows how many people.  There was even a bicycle pump inside that would have been used to keep the inner tub inflated.  Helene mentioned that we have no way of know how many people were lost in the waters between the 2 countries.

Back at the campground, Helene made us a great steak dinner.  I feel bad because people are always trying to accommodate my food restrictions.  Helene made sure I had a great breakfast, lunch and dinner while we visited.  I can only hope we can reciprocate in the near future…