Riverside Park Kamloops2

The next day we were off again to Kamloops for a second visit with another army friend.  Noel and Elizabeth have a large, one of a kind home in the hills overlooking Kamloops.  They built the home over the last 5 or 6 yrs with great attention to detail.  I would call it a bit country, very BC with the large exposed wooden beams and a bit luxurious.  Ok, quite luxurious.  Much of the woodwork has been done by Noel.  The kitchen and bathrooms are done in solid oak cabinetry of his own design and craftsmanship, with beautiful slabs of granite to compliment the designs.  Perhaps the most striking feature in the kitchen is the large gas stove that looks like something my grandmother would have fueled with wood.  They have the fridge, dishwasher and microwave to match.  The house sits high on a hill with a large veranda all around it.

We had a great visit with a typical Italian dinner cooked by Noel.  The table was set to look like an Italian bistro and the conversation and wine flowed.  Of course they would not send us on our way without a hardy brunch of eggs, beans, bacon and mushrooms the next morning.

Before we got to Noel and Elizabeth’s though, we stopped in Kamloops at the Riverside Park and took a stroll around the extensive shoreline with beaches, grassy areas and party areas.  There was what looked like an anniversary party going on.  I started to imagine what Leon and I would look like on our 50th anniversary when we would be 103 and 105.  Do you think our families would have a nice surprise party for us?  Our children would be in their 70s, grandchildren could be in their late 40s and old enough to have grandchildren of their own.  Sheesh!Riverside Park Kamloops