cedar creek viewCanada Day – We drove into Kelowna to stay with our friends Elaine and Brent.  We had last seen them in Palm Springs over the winter.  The day turned out perfect as we walked on the Kelowna Waterfront when stalls were set up for the celebration.  Everyone was in a celebratory mood with people in red and white costumes, make-up or funny hats.  Kelowna has a real resort feel to it and it’s a great place to just walk and people watch.

We took a drive up to the peak of Knox Mountain and enjoyed the great views before going to dinner at the Cedar Creek Estate Winery.  Dinner was grilled salmon and salad with a glass of wine.  We sat on the terrace overlooking the great views of Okanagan Lake, listening to the live music.  What a wonderful way to celebrate Canada Day!  At one point, we met the lady who runs the wine shop as she saw that we had some questions about a newly built structure on the grounds.  Marilla turned out to be a retired Ontario teacher, like me, who had moved to the Okanagan the previous summer after an early retirement.  Small world!  I got her coordinates so that we might organize a visit with our exchange teachers in the fall. We went back to Brent and Elaine’s and enjoyed the mild evening on their back patio.