After a great day in the Grand Canyon, we decided to camp at the KOA in Williams, about 45 miles south of the park.  We looked at the sites in the National park, but found for $36, the KOA had more to offer (like hot showers and wifi) than the park did, and at a better price.  You wonder what the Grand Canyon Park charges for sites in the summer?

I asked for a sunny spot so I could enjoy the sunset from outside our camper this time.  I sat in the shelter of Roadie, but the wind started to come up and Leon decided it was too cold to sit outside.  By sunset, I hit the hot showers and got good and warm.  You have to realize that I had been wearing 3 layers of clothing that day at the canyon, and gloves!  I went into Roadie and made a quick dinner of leftovers and started putting on more and more clothes.

We went to bed early as it was starting to really cool down in the camper.  I had on my sweatpants, nightgown, wool socks and a fleece jacket under 3 blankets.  Leon decided he didn’t need all that clothes.  Ha!  I woke up at 2am freezing!  After tossing and turning for a long while, I got up to check the temperature on my iPad.  It was 21F or -6C outside!  Leon politely asked for his fleece pants and jacket.  No kidding!  I was ready to pack up and leave in the middle of the night!  It was so cold that in the morning I asked Leon to turn on the motor to get some heat into Roadie.  We packed up quickly and moved on to Vegas where we hoped we could enjoy warmer weather.

We were not disappointed.  Vegas is actually further north but also much lower in elevation that the 6900ft Williams.  We drove through everchanging terrain, more desert land until we arrived at the Hoover Dam. We didn’t stop to visit it but we drove over it and could see Mead Lake clearly.  I was finally thawed out by then!

We headed for Sam’s Town, a casino resort and KOA campground where we spent the next 2 nights.  On the first night, we just drove through Las Vegas to see the famous strip and hotels.  Then we went back to the campground for a glass of wine and a quiet dinner in Roadie.  But by gosh we were warm!