Sometimes you see strange things in the desert.  We were driving along Hwy 10 East when I spotted what looked like a large number of airplanes, large jet planes, actually.  With no airport in sight, Leon suggested it was a sort of graveyard for old planes.  We drove off to the Air Park exit and sure enough found a reclamation center.  They are known as boneyards.  Leon figured it might have been an old airstrip from WW2.  There were buildings such as a hotel and a picnic area, as well as a guard house at the gate entrance.  But most of it looked empty except the hotel which now said Training on it.  There seemed to be an army facility in the back of it all as well.  We were free to drive onto the main road and take some pictures.

train yardThe second odd thing was what seemed to be a railcar graveyard.  Train cars were stretched for a mile or so that we could see, with no apparent use for them.  We didn’t see any signs to indicate we could go into the area to investigate.

And here’s a little anecdote for a wee laugh.  One day Leon had taken down the bikes, taken out the bbq and set up camp.  I noticed that the rear door was not closed right but forgot to tell him.  The whole day we made sure the doors were all locked before leaving Roadie to go to the pool or wherever.  That night, Leon mentioned that he thought the big futon mattress was shifting as it seemed to be far from the door and causing a big gap where he slept.  He moved it back a bit and hopped into bed.  As he did, he almost fell out of the back of the camper as the rear door opened further.  Can you imagine the sight that would have been had he rolled out of bed?  It’s not like he wears pajamas you know!  Ever since then, he keeps accusing me of wanting to throw him out the back of the camper.  I wouldn’t do a thing like that!  And by the way, the futon mattress makes the bed much higher, so I frequently bump my head as I am getting into bed or closing the curtains.  Don’t mess with original designs.