Chula Vista Resort poolI got up this morning just in time to join the Aquafit class at our resort in Chula Vista. I followed up with a breakfast of rice cakes, avocado and boiled eggs. Then Leon and I went for a swim.

We continued our active day with a 4 miles bike ride to the “downtown” area of Chula Vista for a few groceries. It was nice and flat, so cycling was good.

Chula Vista Resort pool 2Back at the campground, we are poolside again with a cup of tea for me and a coffee for Leon. We are staying cool by lounging in the pool and sitting in the shade mostly. Leon is very busy working on his yearbook for 15th Field. He’s becoming quite the historian. I am not stretching my brain too much, reading magazines. There are lots of people to talk to from all over the US and Canada.  A few are actually staying at the marina on their sailboats.  That’s a fascinating lifestyle.  Many people we meet in the RV resort have sold their home and live exclusively in their motorhomes.  That seems challenging enough to me, but to think some people sell their homes to live on a sailboat is mind boggling to me. I would be very nervous about that.

There is a marina adjacent where we plan to have a drink at sunset tonight. That’s the sum of our exertions for the day!chula vista marina

Actually, we ended up at the marina pub for a sunset cocktail and the dinner special – fish and chips.  We don’t know why we had dinner there.  Leon and I never seem to enjoy eating out on the road.  My fish was grilled, sort of, as I requested a gluten free meal.  The jury is out on whether that was indeed gluten free topping on it. Leon’s looked good but he doesn’t like the batter on fish much.  And the Happy Hour drinks were not what we ordered.  We didn’t have that special menu, so we ordered the stuff that was not on it.  Go figure.  So for $50, we could have easily filled up the tank with gas and had a wonderful meal of grilled trout, potatoes and broccoli with lots of wine, just as I made last night.  On a positive note, the short walk after dinner through the marina park was lovely!chula vista marina 2