on the Rhine
On the Rhine, 2010


Five years ago, I started this blog to record the events and planning of my upcoming wedding to Leon.  You can read that post here.

Since then we have been married in Key West, I moved to BC to complete my grad studies while Leon finished a huge house reno in time for us to sell the house before we left for a year exchange in Australia.  We moved back to Ontario, sold and bought a house as Leon became a full-time university student. We acquired our trusty Roadie, a Roadtrek camper, in which we crossed the continent several times, visiting each coast and all states between Maine and Washington, north of the 38th parallel!  We even made a special detour so as not to miss the state of Nebraska, which we seemed to have missed each time we drove east to west and back.

Here’s hoping for many more adventures with my partner in crime and love, Leon.