I enjoyed Rathtrevor Park and beach so much that I convinced Leon to stay another night. We ended up in overflow parking again, but that was ok.  A good part of the day was actually spent in Nanaimo getting Roadie some new shoes (tires) and shocks (who knew Victoria roads could be so rough?).  No matter.  I had a chance to buy myself a nice orange purse to replace my bright green Prada that was falling apart due to overstuffing it.  Good thing Sears had such a great sale on!

Anyway, we got back to the beach around 4pm, in time to bring our beer, beach chairs and books down to the waterfront.  The tide was low but coming in rapidly.  I thought it would be fun to sit with our feet in the water and just enjoy the late day sun.  In the time it took to drink 2 beers, the tide had come up so fast we moved back to the top of the beach at the high tide mark.

I have to tell you that I had been doing some beachcombing and picked up a few shells that morning.  The only problem was they were smelly.  I tried soaking them in soapy water, left in a bowl in the sun all day.  I only succeeded in killing 3 wasps that had come to investigate.  I guess I found an easy way to trap wasps.  The shells continued to smell, so I dumped them into the boiling water that I had just finished cooking potatoes in while we ate our dinner.  All the while, Leon kept telling me the shells would always smell and that’s why they are meant to be left on the beach.  Well, after dinner, I had to concede his point.  The shells went in the garbage along with the fish bones and other food scraps.  I remember my mother telling me to leave the clams on the beach in Wildwood, NJ years ago.  I guess I should have learned a lesson back then.