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  1. Wow, you two really did get around over the years. I think Morocco is much more tame these days. The King is only in his late 40s so it quite Westernized now. I wish we could have eaten more authentically as I had a sense we were in the tourist areas. But safety and comfort came first. Had I visited with my husband, it would have been a different trip altogether. Glad to hear from you, by the way.


  2. Your trip brings back memories of Roger’s and my trip for 8 months in 1971-72 to Europe and then to Morocco. We lived in Morocco for 3 months in the Arab section of Marrakech in an Arab hotel. It looked nothing like the luxurious hotel you and your daughter stayed in. We had 1 flush toilet on the second floor of the hotel which luckily for us was on the floor we stayed on. We went to the medina to buy food which I cooked for eight people over a charcoal brazier in a tagine pot . Life was a lot simpler then, but even then the men would try to reach out and touch me whenever we went anywhere. I had long blond hair then which I had to tie back and cover my hair.
    Enjoy all the sights and smells of it.


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