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From the archives of messages to my husband: In the meantime, we arrived here around noon. Nice hotel, downtown, near the port. The taxi that drove us here from the train station offered to give us a tour of the major sights for 300 d for 3 hrs. We will do that in the morning, early start at 8am. We’ll have to check out and eat before that. In the meantime, we taxied over to see one old cathedral that is now empty and used for a theatre. It is full of pigeons though. Then we walked over to the old medina going through the league of Arabs park and place Mohamed V. The old medina was not as old as the one in Fez, for sure, but we get tired of the stares and didn’t stop for anything except an ice cream bar. Back to the hotel for an hour or so to plan our day, then off to what is supposed to be the 2nd biggest mall in Africa. Shopped and had dinner outside overlooking the park that hid the fantastic beach and surf! Oh the surfing you could do! But I didn’t see any evidence of water sports there. Tried to get a picture of the sunset but the clouds came in.

  • Catherine Gagnon

    We are just back in the room now. I washed my hair, Ariane is having a Casablanca beer. Quite nice, actually. She wanted to go to the hotel bar for a drink but I am not in a panic to do so. So it’s 7:45pm and I am in my jammies with wet hair. How chic! Well at least we pretended to be like the girls in Sex in the City when they visited the Emirates. But frankly, we’ve had enough of Morocco for now. Tomorrow we will meet with Ariane’s friend as soon as we get to the hostel in Barcelona. I guess we will make dinner plans for there. For tonight, we had pizza. Mine was rather bland but my juice was good – mango, orange and lemon juice. The oranges are really good here and they grow all over the countryside, even at the train station.

  • Yes, all kinds of fabulousness!

  • We even got the bad taxi driver who tried to take us for a ride with no meter running. I wanted to agree on the price first but he didn’t want to drive us for what we would pay. So we got out of the cab and then some other young guy was trying to chase after us but we kept walking to another taxi stand. The guy who picked us up looked like a kindly older type and he understood what we were talking about. We gave him a good tip and some odd customer tried to get in but the driver locked his doors and drove off. Good man! Funny stuff happens in these places but you would be proud of my bargaining skills. Except when I give away euros for dirhams, that is.