I am almost ready to leave for our trip to Casablanca and Barcelona.  I got an email yesterday from our travel agent that Air Maroc has advised them of a small change to the return flights.  It looks like we will have to leave Barcelona a day early, on March 15 and stay in a hotel in Casablanca for the night until our flight home the next day in the late afternoon.  A bit of a waste of a day but I guess we will deal with it.  The only issue is that there is no correspondence to confirm they will provide accommodation in Casablanca for the night.  Luckily, I did get travel insurance, which should cover all costs related to interruptions.  So I now I have tickets, hotel confirmations and travel insurance papers in hand.  I am mostly packed, using advice on packing lightly that I read on TurquoiseCompass.com.  Ariane is ready, manicured nails and all, her carry-on filled with only the essentials such as make-up, shampoo and plenty of conditioner.  My essentials run more along lots of moisturizer.  Yes, at my age, one much moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

I still need to get a pedicure and to do a load of laundry.  I’ve just had a lovely 75 minute massage to help me relax so I can face the stress of airline travel in parts unknown.  Here’s an idea of our itinerary, in case you want to meet us along the way for a drink or a cup of mint tea:

Sat – arrive in Casablanca, take the train to Fes, stay 2 nights.

Sun – explore the Medina in Fes with the help of a state authorized guide

Mon – train back to Casablanca where we will stay for the night.  Perhaps time for a hammam.

Tue – fly to Barcelona, check into our hostel for 4 nights.  Start touring the city.

Sat – fly back to Casa in the evening to stay at the airline appointed hotel

Sun – fly home to Montreal where Leon will be waiting with open arms (I hope).

There you have it!  The weather should be around 20C in Morocco and 15C in Spain.  Perfect for touring!

I won’t be able to post any pictures while I am there as I will only have my iPad along.  So expect those later.  Ok, I have to get packing now, literally!