Only one more major continent to go, South America.  I think New Zealand is as close as I will ever get to Antarctica, well maybe except the Biodome in Montreal.  They have a great penguin exhibit.  But back to Africa, we are on day 3 of our visit to Morocco, aka #ririinroro. We are certainly getting an eye opening experience. Perhaps the nicest thing is the backdrop of the call to prayer every once in a while.  The sights, sounds and smells are wonderful.  The unsolicited attention to my daughter are not so great. I will have a ton of stories to write about and so many pictures to post as soon as I can get them off my camera.  For now, I am trying to blog each day and save in drafts.

Tomorrow, we have a morning tour of Casablanca planned, then a quick flight to Barcelona where we will meet up with Ariane’s Nica friend, Yanine.  She should be waiting for us at the hostel when we get there.  In anticipation, we bought some delightful macaroons that were purchased at what is touted as the 2nd largest mall in Africa – Morocco Mall.image