sillons beach during storm2This morning we woke up to a lot more wind and a misty rain.  I figured it was just the right time to get a coffee from the camp office and have a nice hot shower.  Unfortunately, the showers were off limits because of some ongoing repairs to the hot water heater.  So we thought, the heck with it, let go down to the beach and check out the waves.  It was wild out there with the strong winds.  My sandals were almost buried by sand within 15 minutes.  Our rain gear was soaked!sillons beach during storm

We returned to the camper, changed and I made an omelet.  In no time, the rain stopped, the sun came out and we put our clothes out to dry while Leon studied and I did a clean-up of the camper.  Sand was everywhere!!

The rest of the day was spent touring the dunes and taking pictures of the colourful houses and  the wind surfers.  The previous day, we had watched the kite surfers with great interest.  They can be spotted in the large tidal ponds where the water is no deeper than 4 feet.  I asked one of the surfers all about the sport and it sure looks like fun.  Perhaps Leon and I will be able to try it next summer when we travel to the west coast islands.

dune du nordWe stopped to walk on the large sand dunes of the north dune beach, watch the wild surf and check out the windsurfers.  By the afternoon, the weather had turned sunny but the wind was still very strong.  I sure was glad not to be cycling on that day.dune du nord windsurfing

We boarded our ferry back to PEI at 8pm and had an uneventful ride back.  We spent the night on the Souris Arena grounds where we were fast asleep in no time, having arrived at 1:30am.bye bye idlM